3 Must Try Gastrobars In Singapore

3 Must Try Gastrobars In Singapore – Like ‘FOMO’ and ‘Blur Sotong’, you know something has officially become a thing when it makes a prestigious entry into the Oxford English Dictionary. Gastrobars, known more commonly as gastropubs, recently joined the list of newly coined words. Some five years back, it already earned its spot in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, clearing any doubts that this particular trend of pubbing is here to stay.

From the portmanteau of gastronomy and bar, it does not take much to figure out how ‘gastrobar’ describes an establishment that takes its booze as seriously as its grub. You might have already been to one of these in Singapore. They can easily be found around every corner in town or in the CBD, and they usually house more than enough delicious cocktails and main courses to keep you settled comfortably within their stylish setup.

For this guide, we will zoom in on the downtown-slash-nightlife districts to highlight three distinctive gastro bars.


3 Must Try Gastrobars In Singapore

Barossa, an outback-meets-chic gastrobar sitting on the edge of Esplanade Mall, would go down well with most peeps for many reasons. The menu consists of a great many choice for individual or sharing portions. Notably, the ‘Meat It Up’ offerings is recommended for their selections of premium beef, including the highly sought after Tajima 100% Wagyu. Another signature dish, the Rib Eye Tasting Platter, serves up three types of premium Rib Eye, Blue Cheese Steak Burger and Smokey BBQ Baby Back Ribs. The gourmet burgers pile on the rest of Barossa’s specialities. If that sounds perfect for starving workaholics after a gruelling, dinner-less day at the office, it probably is.

As if that is not enough, diners get to enjoy a great view of Marina Bay from the comfort of the gastrobar. The reasons we mentioned earlier? They don’t stop there, though. When the gastronomy part of the night is history, it would be imperative to set your sights on the Barossa signature cocktail menu. Cap off the night with the likes of ‘Let’s Get Drunk Together’, ‘Cookie Monster’ and ‘Barossa Bomb’.

Kuro Izakaya

3 Must Try Gastrobars In Singapore

You probably wouldn’t expect to stay within your budget as you are confronted by the upscale black and gold contrast of the interior, but you really might not burn a hole in the pocket after all. At Kuro Izakaya, a Japanese gastrobar inspired by Kurobuta, you are most likely to walk away satisfied because of the premium tapas range at not-so-premium prices.

KURO Izakaya is located at Suntec City. By night, it mixes up an ideal vibe of intimacy and chill for after hour tipples. The selection of charcoal-grilled seafood, porcine and Wagyu would make a most excellent pairing with Japanese whiskies you might be sipping on. During the day, it turns into a ramen-slash-donburi outfit to satisfy the rumbling bellies of the office crowd and hungry shoppers.

In short, the izakaya is known for its robatayaki (slowly grilled skewers) and kushiyaki (poultry/non-poultry grilled over the charcoal fire) in case you don’t know what the good stuff are and what exactly you should be ordering on a first visit. For drinks, their Kirin Frozen beer is a sweet treat, and you must try the Japanese sakes. Ladies, ask for the collagen infused ones, it’s great for the skin!

Talay Thai

3 Must Try Gastrobars In Singapore

Whenever we talk about Thai food, it would usually stir up imaginations of piquant stir fried noodles, spicy tom yum soup and cloying sticky rice dessert. But Talay Thai at Clarke Quay is out to prove that they can add a twist to what it means when it comes to appreciating Thai food.

The gastrobar specialises in Thai-inspired tapas fares – with more than 20 varieties while at that. Some of the highlights on the menu include Aroy Mak Tasting Platter, Tom Yum Lobster Bisque, Spanner Crab Miang Kham, Live Raw Prawn Ceviche, White Bait with Tom Yum Powder, Chicken Skin Crackling and Stingray Fish with Tamarind Glaze. Variety can also be found on the alcohol list, as they serve unique concoctions such as Dragon Fruit cocktail and Lychee Rambutan Thai-jito Duo to complement your Talay relay.

If cocktails are not your thing, there are up to 66 wine labels from Australia, New Zealand and France at your disposal.

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