5 Pro Tips to Using The ENTERTAINER For Phase 3

We hereby interrupt our usual programme to share the excitement about Phase 3! As you’ve probably heard, on 28 December, we can now gather in groups of 8 and certain attractions and malls’ capacity limits will be increased. So here are some tips to make full use of your ENTERTAINER app to reap more savings in Phase 3.

1. Four times two!

Here’s a no-brainer, if you’re hanging out in groups of 8, you can redeem four 1-for-1 offers per table. That means you’re paying for half the price, but still getting the full deal.


You might be wondering how you’re going to redeem four offers when each account is normally only entitled to three. Don’t forget to use your Smiles to redeem that fourth offer and get rewarded while being ENTERTAIN-ed! Take note that you can buy back 1 offer per merchant per year using 1,000 smiles.

3. Reserve a table

Finding a table for a huge group might be hard, especially on the weekends. But the ENTERTAINER Table Reservations function makes it easy to reserve ahead so you can skip the queue and head straight to the gruel.

4. Book an appointment for Fitness and Attractions offers

The same hack goes for offers for lifestyle venues such as BOUNCE Singapore, AJ Hackett Sentosa, Aquaspin, BBounce Studio, just to name a few. Ring up the relevant merchants to book an appointment so you can save time waiting and spend more time having fun.

5. Go wild…safely

As the saying goes, all’s fun and games until someone loses an eye. While we’re all excited to reunite with our friends and family, let’s still practice social distancing, check-in and out wherever you go, and remember to sanitise your hands frequently.

Phase 3 means there’s more reason to download the ENTERTAINER app! Make sure to stay safe and watch out for updates on new merchants and promotions on our Facebook and Instagram.

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