10 Famous Food Bloggers in Singapore

Singaporeans absolutely love to eat and we are willing to travel far and wide to satisfy those cravings.

So what exactly is the criterion for a great food blog? Here are our picks of 10 famous food bloggers who scour the country bringing us the best dishes, eating spots and food trends.


If you love to access a treasure trove of food and travel destinations then look no further! The man behind this brainchild called Ladyironchef is Brad Lau. He reviews a range of indulgent restaurants both in Singapore and abroad. The site has a whopping estimated readership of over a million people a month!

Seth Lui

Seth Lui provides readers with personal, unbiased accounts of dining at premium restaurants, to familiar local hawker places. A project that initially started off as a local food blog has now expanded to become an online food publication. Diligent about keeping readers up to date with the latest trends in Singapore and around the world.

Daniel Food Diary

Interestingly, when not blogging about food, Daniel Ang is a corporate trainer and lecturer teaching Mass Communications and Social Media at various institutions. Another quirky fact about this famous blogger is he seldom goes to food tastings, believing there’s “no such thing as free food”. Nevertheless, If you want to see something fun, light-hearted and personal, then his posts are definitely a must-read.

Miss Tam Chiak

The first thing that stood out to me about MissTamChiak.com was its name, as the owner and food writer, Maureen Ow, gave it a uniquely Singaporean spin. By using a local colloquial expression meaning, to be a ‘glutton’ or ‘greedy’.

I Eat I Shoot I Post

The brain behind ieatishootipost.sg is Dr Leslie Tay, often labeled as the ‘guru’ of Singapore cuisine. It’s amusing and hard to imagine a health professional recommending the best artery-clogging Char Kway Teow or Laksa spots to people. Having invested a great amount of time researching and scouting Singapore’s best hawker food, his website is a foodies delight!

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a community-based food blog with writers that share a passion for great food and writing reliable reviews. I really enjoy reading the posts because of the light humor and brutal honesty! For one post, they ate a whopping 33 bowls of Kway Chap just to determine which was the best in Singapore, now that’s what I call dedication.


Warning: You might drool while browsing through photos on this site, especially if you have a weakness for desserts and sweets!! I had to stop myself from licking the screen because of all the Insta-worthy posts. Gninethree is made up of a sister team that share the same love for baking, food and traveling.

Sg Food On Foot

I love the whole concept of this blog! It’s a very simple yet strategic idea. Sg Food On Foot aims to help people find the best dishes and eating spots, by using the MRT line. The website is incredibly easy to navigate, as there are labels of each MRT station in alphabetical order, containing links to reviews of restaurants nearby.

Johor Kaki

Contrary to its title ‘Johor Kaki’, this is a predominantly Singapore food-centred blog. However, it also strikes a good balance of expanding their food reviews to Johor, Malaysia and abroad. The posts are a personal recount of the author’s eclectic dining experience.


Catherine Ling’s award-winning food and travel blog is affectionately known as ‘Camemberu’ takes readers on a gastronomic tour around Singapore. Whilst also providing them with recipes and travel recommendations. If you are curious about the pronunciation of her blog’s name, it’s essentially how a Japanese person would pronounce the French cheese – Camembert.

These Singaporean food bloggers in my opinion, all have a unique style of writing and presentation. Ultimately with the goal of sharing amazing food, travel destinations, and even recipes!

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