5 Garlicky Dishes You Should Order at Mad for Garlic

Tired of your usual dining options? If you’re up for Italian food with a Korean twist, you might want to check out Mad For Garlic at Suntec City.

Mad for Garlic specialises in featuring garlic in all their dishes, uses a creative preparation method to remove the garlic’s pungent smell. This allows the herb’s sweetness and aroma to shine through as a main ingredient, without any of its usual herby bitterness. What do we mean? Here are five examples of highly recommended hot favourite main dishes at Mad For Garlic.

1. Garlic Snowing Pizza

Mad for Garlic Garlic Snowing PIzza
Let it snow—with cheese!

Fans of Hawaiian Pizza will love the Garlic Snowing Pizza ($25++) too. It is a thin-crust pizza topped with a sweet white sauce, juicy shrimp, crispy fried garlic chips, diced pineapples and generously garnished with thinly shredded cheese. The garlic chips are absolutely aromatic on this pizza and actually taste sweet. Cheese lovers can request for more cheese to be “snowed on” their pizza.

2. Triple Garlic Seafood Pasta

Perfect for a see-food diet

The Triple Garlic Seafood Pasta ($25++) is a spicy Aglio Olio type dish where mussels, shrimp, baby octopus, squid are sautéed in oil with garlic sprouts. Al dente spaghetti is then tossed into the pan and seasoned with red pepper flakes for extra oomph.

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3. Garlicholic Rice

Rice to the occasion with this garlicky treat

A recent addition to the menu, Garlicholic Rice ($23++) is not your garden variety fried rice. Diners who can’t live without rice will be glad to know that this is a one-plate meal on its own, boasting protein from shrimp and anchovies, and greens in the form of bell pepper and asparagus. Pickled garlic elevates the entire dish with a punch of umami.

4. Garlicpeno Pasta

Mad for Garlic Garlicpeno Pasta
Spicy, garlicky goodness

The delicious Garlicpeno Pasta ($22++) is made for chiliheads, heaped generously with anchovies and fried garlic chips for a crunch in every bite. As the name suggests, expect the dish to be spicy with jalapenos and crushed red peppers.

5. Garlic Steak

Sizzling steak and garlic? Why yes!

The Garlic Steak ($42++) is a cut of soft, tender and juicy rib-eye covered in golden brown garlic chips, served on a sizzling stone plate. Every bite melts in the mouth, melding perfectly with sautéed onions and mushrooms served on the side.

Bring your date or diplomatic summit partner to dine at Mad For Garlic without worrying about stinky breath. Best yet, use the ENTERTAINER app and get two mains for the price of one!

Mad For Garlic is located at 3 Temasek Blvd, 02-300/301, Singapore 038983

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