Real Talk With Emmanuel Benardos

On a quest to find out your thoughts and opinions on the ENTERTAINER, we spoke to Hospitality Industry Veteran and General Manager at UNLISTED COLLECTION: A brand that comprises unique, high-quality boutique hotel properties and restaurants in Singapore, London, Shanghai and Sydney.

UNLISTED COLLECTION: was founded in 2011, totalling to 27 properties to date since its inception in 2000. Outlets in Singapore include the hip and trendy MeatSmith, Pollen Terrace, LongPlay – to name a few. So we knew we were interviewing a man with a strong view!

Here’s what he shared about customers, the ENTERTAINER and their business goals!

Thanks for the shout out Emmanuel!

If you fancy trying out any of the restaurants mentioned, use your ENTERTAINER Singapore App to enjoy buy one get one free offers on their delicious main courses! Let’s not forget Cheers Singapore, now redeemable at Pollen Terrace & LongPlay too!


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