The ENTERTAINER Singapore 2020 Early Bird Offers Are Here!

It’s the holiday season once again and the time for wish lists has begun. Well, allow us to grant your wishes early with the launch of the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2020.

We offer something new to our members every year and 2020 is no exception. We still have Singapore 2020 with hundreds of participating dining and lifestyle merchants, Cheers Singapore 2020 for the nightcrawlers, as well as Bali 2020, Johor Bahru 2020, and Travel 2020 for the best R&R offers. But that’s not all.

Presenting Gourmet 2020 and express 2020

The ENTERTAINER Singapore 2020 is all about MORE savings and MORE options. So we’ve added two new products as an exciting treat to all members: Gourmet 2020 and express 2020.

Take fine dining experience up a notch with the Gourmet 2020 and redeem 1-for-1 or 25% Off Total Bill offers at Singapore’s most elegant restaurants. Continue to enjoy 1-for-1 offers Fat Cow, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Blu Kouzina, JUN, and Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar. Wine and dine at places such as White Grass, Pixy, and Solo Ristorante with 25% off your entire bill, including alcohol.

express 2020 is perfect for the person on the go. Enjoy 25% off your total bill at takeaway merchants like Jewel Coffee, Kraftwich, Wafuken, Partea, Potato Corner, and more. The best part: There are four vouchers per merchant per month, which adds up to 48 offers per year.

Early Bird Offers — Singapore Bundle 2020 (SGD95) and Singapore 2020 (SGD70)

Take advantage of our early bird offers and select from 2 price options.

Get the best value with Singapore Bundle 2020 (SGD95) and get all Entertainer products: Singapore 2020, express 2020, Travel 2020, Gourmet 2020 (includes Fat Cow and Bedrock Bar & Grill), Cheers Singapore 2020, Bali 2020, and Johor Bahru 2020.

Prefer our core dining, lifestyle, and travel offers? Choose Singapore 2020 (SGD70) to get Singapore 2020 (excludes Fat Cow and Bedrock Bar & Grill), express 2020, and Travel 2020.

To top it all off, express 2019 offers will be UNLOCKED when you purchase the 2020 app to give you a headstart on savings.

In a nutshell, here’s how the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2020 will spoil you with all things nice:

  • Early Bird Offers for as low as SGD70
  • More 1-for-1 and discounts offers than ever before with the addition of Gourmet 2020 and express 2020
  • Unlocked express 2019 so you can start to redeem 25% off total bill discount at your favourite takeaway merchants
  • 1-for-1 room nights and discount deals for over 550,000 hotels and resorts worldwide with ENTERTAINER Getaways
  • Hassle-free table booking feature for restaurants with ENTERTAINER Reservations
  • Integrated account sharing with up to 4 users with ENTERTAINER Family

Buy the ENTERTAINER Singapore 2020 now for thousands of amazing 1-for-1 offers and discounts in Singapore, Johor Bahru, Bali, and around the world.

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