Delivery Is Here And We’ve Got Offers For You!

These days, we all need to do one thing: stay home unless for essential errands. Which is why we’ve launched Delivery, so you can get food delivered fresh to your door and support local businesses at the same time. Plus, it’s convenient for days when you’d rather stay in your pj’s than takeaway meals for the entire household.

It’s super easy to use so you can start ordering deliveries straight away. Here’s how:

    1. On your app home screen, click the ‘Delivery’ icon to see all of the amazing delivery options available.
    2. Click on the merchant you want to order from. Delivery offers can be used up to 4 times a day throughout their validity period.
    3. Tap the menu icon to view the merchant’s delivery menu, delivery timings, delivery locations, and payment modes. Minimum order and delivery fees apply.
    4. Call the restaurant, place your order, and mention your ENTERTAINER delivery offer.
    5. To redeem your delivery offer, you’ll either be asked to enter the PIN and read out the code on the phone OR you’ll be asked to enter your PIN for the driver when your order arrives.
    6. Put your feet up, load your next Netflix show, and wait for your delivery to arrive!

So, only one question remains: what are you ordering in today? Let’s help you decide with these delivery options.

#1 Forbidden Duck

Delivery Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Address: 8A Marina Boulevard #02-02

#2 Qi House of Sichuan

Delivery Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Address: 8A, #02 Marina Boulevard

#3 Genius Central

Delivery Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Address: #01-01 7-13 Amoy Street Far East Square

#4 Praelum Wine Bistro

Delivery Offer: 1-for-1 Main Menu Item

Address: 4 Duxton Hill

#5 Morsels

Delivery Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Address: 25 Dempsey Road, #01-04

Check out the ENTERTAINER for other delivery offers from AWADH, Sahara Bar & Restaurant, Quentin’s, Hummus & Grill, and more.

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