Announcement: Dine-In Offers to Resume on 3 July

It’s time, once again, for us to go out. As Singapore enters Phase 2 on 19 June, most restaurants will finally be able to open their doors for dine-in customers. It’s exciting news and we’re just as thrilled as everyone else.

We are here to support you and our partners as we navigate through this transition period, so here are some important points to keep in mind for an enjoyable and safe dining experience:

Dine-In ENTERTAINER offers will resume 3 July 2020.
This follows the recommendation from Enterprise Singapore regarding crowd and queue management, which discourages dine-in promotions from the first 2 weeks of Phase 2 reopening. Learn more here.

In-Store Takeaway, Delivery, and Express Offers are available.
These offers can be used daily, except on Exclusion Days as stated in our Rules of Use.

Your well-being is a priority.
Please follow social distancing rules when you’re out and stay at home if you’re feeling unwell.

While we follow these new guidelines, our goal remains to provide our members with the best experiences. Thank you for your patience and continuous support. In the meantime, stay safe always.

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