5 Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend

Discover 5 Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend – Even though we humans are wired to resist change, there is a certain folly to glueing ourselves to the same exact places. This holds especially true when it comes to dining and drinking options on weekends – we all go where we’re used to. Who wants to take the trouble to find out new places to go? Who’d like to take the trouble to add freshness to a routine when a routine is safe in the company of friends.

To save you the trouble of doing the legwork, to add spunk to your weekend, and to excite your regular company of friends on the weekend, we did the homework and rounded up five relatively new openings that would refresh your weekends.

Avenue Café by Quadwork Pte Ltd

If fashion boutiques can incorporate coffee corners these days, then why should furniture stores not do the same? That is precisely the idea behind Avenue Café at Joo Chiat, where interior design firm Quadwork saw fit to marry architecture and furnishings with the lifestyle beat. While Avenue Café isn’t exactly new new, Quadwork calls dips on being the first in Singapore to produce such a drink-coffee-try-sofas concept. The menu at the café consists of breakfast items like savory waffles, desserts like rainbow cheesecake, and plenty of gourmet coffee to go around.

There are also in-house consultants who would be happy to give you free, no obligations advice on what you might need for your new home or renovation.

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Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend

We are not blowing smoke up your – well, your air holes – but Chimney (new set up at level 2 of SCAPE building) promises some of the better cinnamon pastries you can find in town. The two young entrepreneurs conceived the idea while travelling in Europe and they decided to bring this hot Hungarian dessert to Singapore, albeit in a more bite-sized fashion.

The menu offers sweet and savoury Chimneys; you may top up a dollar for Oreo, cinnamon sugar or Nutella toppings for the sweet, and chicken ham, turkey bacon or salted egg for savoury flavours. The Chimneys are only rolled and baked upon order to ensure freshness and to also replicate the drifting smokes of actual chimneys.

Good Chimneys are worth waiting for.

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Fumée by Habanos

The owners behind Fumée once ran a Tobacconist concept which specialises in fine Cuban cigars, and now their new F&B foray sees them opening this 3-in-1 gastro bar in Millenia Walk. But still, one principle remains unchanged: they want anyone who walks in to just let their hair down and chill.

The French word Fumée refers to the olfactory senses in food appreciation, and much like classy bottled fragrances, it signals pleasurable things to come. For lunch, Fumée has a sarnie line where you can customise your own sandwiches over a comprehensive selection of fine cheeses and premium charcuteries. For dinner, Fumée has popular recommendations like chilli crab linguine, U.S Angus short rib, salmon confit risotto to fire up the palates.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, there will be live bands entertaining you with unplugged rock, top 40 hits and reggae tunes.

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Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend

Thanks to award-winning mixologist Kino Soh and her all-female bartending crew, we now have a new, dedicated venue to lead the Highballin’ lifestyle. The Highball, a cocktail that dates back all the way to 1700s, is concocted using a spirit and a carbonated mixer, served in an ice-filled highball glass. On paper, it sounds really simple, with only two ingredients in the recipe. But sometimes, less is indeed more. Simplicity is sophistication here. It is refreshing to have a whole menu of Highballs to choose from, as it is when it goes down your throat on a stuffy evening. The bar, located at Spottiswoode Park, is built to be easy and unpretentious, so you can go sipping on your cocktails without being judged.

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SIXBYSERA at Rangoon Road puts a new twist on your usual sugary doughnuts, by turning them into savory ones. At only $2.90 per piece, this newly opened café would make for a great mid-afternoon snack stop if you work in the vicinity. You can choose from three main flavors: cheeseburger donut, truffled smoked salmon donut and maple bacon donut.

The menu gets a little experimental on weekends. Other than savory doughnuts, you might be intrigued enough to give the croissants in chilli crab sauce a shot. The smoky pork makes up the other weekend main course at SIXBYSERA. We’re guessing the café would appeal to the green tea lovers as well, for they also serve matcha latte among other coffees.

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You got the loop on new weekend-ing spots. Now, all you need are new updates on 1-4-1 offers and promotions!

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