3 Hottest Bars In Town – A Drinkers Guide

With a bar scene that may well be the most vibrant in Asia, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling cities on Earth. With that in mind we’ve rounded up a few gems guaranteed to blow your mind.


The latest installation by Mixes from Mars, Hopscotch is a craft cocktail bar tucked within the clandestine courtyard of the former traffic police headquarters, Red Dot Traffic. Whilst preserving its local features, Hopscotch ventures deeper into modern techniques with fancy gadgets, exciting flavour pairings, and quirky infusions.

Nutmeg & Clove

Striking a balance between historical references and modern cocktail culture, Nutmeg & Clove with their friendly yet knowledgeable bartenders create a relaxed atmosphere, making Nutmeg & Clove a popular destination for after-work drinks or late night libations.

Sum Yi Tai

In the roof of the shophouse, Sum Yi Tai has artfully carved out a private sanctuary in the midst of the CBD, a rare rooftop gem in this part of town. Using decorative screens and rattan to create an intimate cove, the rooftop bar lures an after-work crowd in search of a good whisky, glass of wine or cocktail.

Singapore’s bar-scene may well be one of the most-vibrant on the planet, and the number of watering holes offering up stunning views are plentiful. With a rich mix of luxury hotel bars, quirky roof tops and night spots off the beaten track. Our brand new Cheers Singapore App, currently $85 for a limited time only (normal Price $125), offers hundreds of Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers exclusively on drinks at your favourite haunts, including the four listed above! Enjoy!

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