Rum Making – Bob’s Way!

Bob’s Bar

Considered one of the true hidden gems in Singapore and located within the grounds of the luxury Capella hotel. We walked into Bob’s Bar not knowing what to expect, other than its reputation for being a highly sophisticated Cuban-inspired bar, and we weren’t wrong. Nestled within the island of Sentosa, Bob’s Bar is certainly an exclusive and very stylish reprieve from the main island.

We met the head Bartender Vincent Zheng, a former model turned beverage connoisseur, who showed us how to make their signature Navegante Old Fashioned rum cocktail, which we had to try of course! Capella’s Navegante rum takes its cue from the hotel’s fondness for blending heritage. The name itself stems from the relationship between rum and seafarers on their long voyages through the sea, whilst the drink itself is categorised as a single blended rum.

With a glass of tropical rum in hand, it was all too easy to relax and enjoy such an authentically charming bar. A perfect oasis of sorts and an ideal space for unwinding. Our brand new Cheers Singapore App, currently 85 SGD for a limited time only (Normal Price 125 SGD), offers hundreds of 1-for-1 offers exclusively on drinks, at all your favourite bars, restaurants and nightspots!

With Bob’s Bar’s featured as well, you’ve got nothing to loose!

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