Singaporeans Our Passion For Food Decoded

Singapore is known to the world as a multi-ethnic society that is composed of four main races, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

Our nation’s rich, diverse heritage and culture extends not only to the distinct languages we speak, but also more evidently in our cuisine. There is a running joke among Singaporeans that eating isn’t simply just a social activity for us, but it is in fact our national pastime! The arrival of the Michelin Guide is further confirmation that our tiny island-state is definitely a certified-dining destination not to be missed.

What Exactly Is Singaporean food?

Singapore’s love affair with food could be retraced back to the early days. When travellers from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, Europe and America came over. These traders carried their recipes together with them from their homelands and settled in Singapore. The recipes were then adapted and served as hawker food to the local population, and these dishes are now recognised as Singaporean dishes.

We have two well-known examples of hawker food that was re-adapted to suit the Singaporean palates. The first would be our beloved Hainanese Chicken Rice, which was an evolution of a simple Hainan rice dish called Wenchang chicken. Another example would be Hokkien Mee (or Hokkien Noodles), brought in by the people living in the Fujian province in China and it is commonly used in Fried Hokkien Mee. The Singaporean cuisine cannot be defined in a single word, because it is essentially a melting pot incorporating distinct flavour-influences from the Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Indian cultures.

There is never a lack of dining places in Singapore, ranging from our many local hawker centres situated in every neighbourhood around the country, hipster cafes, fast-food joints to high-end dining venues. There is definitely something for everyone from all walks of life and every tier of society.

Even though our food culture is ever-changing at such a rapid pace, with the constant introduction of new cuisines, dishes and styles of cooking. I think we still make a conscious effort as a nation to preserve the classic dishes unique to our country. The good news is that you can enjoy 1 for 1 offers on a rich selection of restaurants on the ENTERTAINER serving authentic and delicious Singapore dishes!

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