Best Steaks In Singapore

Best Steaks Singapore – One often wonders, with so much choice out there, where can you go guaranteed to enjoy some of the best steaks in Singapore. Better still, how much fun would it be to know how top Steak Chefs work their magic. According to Chef Isaac Tan of Bedrock Bar & Grill, all you need is sea salt and ground pepper to season your cut of rib eye before putting it on the fire. For a steak that is 5cm in thickness, it would take approximately 4 minutes for each side to cook.

But if you’re still concerned you’ll make a ‘mis-steak’, you’re better off being pampered by experts. Bedrock Bar & Grill, promises not to disappoint. The speciality steakhouse envelopes diners in an intimate setting before impressing with a good assortment of meat on the menu, all done in classic Bedrock style that is wood grilled or smoked. The Bedrock specialities that have taken off with the diners include the U.S. Black Angus tenderloin, the 100% grass-fed Australian ribeye and the 400-day grain-fed Wagyu Tomahawk Steak.

Bedrock Bar & Grill

Best Steaks Singapore

Bedrock Bar & Grill is located at 313@Somerset, occupying the base of Pan Pacific Suites. The steakhouse came about when the team behind it went through extensive gastronomical travels that included Spanish dinner parties, late-night brasseries in New York and Paris, and simple cooking at afternoon eateries in Sydney and San Francisco.

Yet, there is still one more ace up their sleeve. While it’s common practice to pair steak with red wine, Bedrock bar stocks a wide range of Scottish and Japanese whiskies to cap off your steak night on just the smoothest note.

Best Steaks Singapore

Common wisdom says you have to pay a premium for a good steak. Our wisdom says you just need to download the ENTERTAINER app, now on sale at 75 SGD (normally 125 SGD) to enjoy 1-for-1 deals on delicious main courses at popular haunts like Bedrock Bar & Grill. Definitely one of our favourite places to get some of the best steaks in Singapore.

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