Your Guide To 1-for-1 Coffee In Singapore

A cup of your favourite coffee can make mornings great and your whole day even better. The icing on the cake is how you can now grab two cups for the price of one! Visit any of these 5 cafes, redeem 1-for-1 beverage with the ENTERTAINER, and enjoy the pleasures of coffee in every sip.

Soma Coffee

Location: Tanjong Pagar

Soma, so good! This is one coffee shop that gets five stars from caffeine lovers. It’s because they have consistently provided the best-tasting, premium-grade coffee from the lands of Indonesia. Not to mention the irresistible aroma of their coffee creations that keeps customers coming back! Soma Coffee takes pride in growing and harvesting their own coffee produce. So yes, your cup is in good hands before it reaches yours.

Upside Down Coffee Alternatives

Location: Tanjong Pagar

If you treat coffee like wine and you want sophisticated blends to suit your changing taste, there’s no better place for you than Upside Down Coffee Alternatives. Choose from their selection of Single Origins or Origin Chocolate products. Every coffee bean is perfectly washed using a distinct technique from its origin country. It will surely turn your day upside down – in a very good way.

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Ground Story

Location: North Bridge Road

What is a good coffee without a cosy ambience? Head over to Ground Story and experience how great coffee is enjoyed amidst an art gallery. The space is adorned with artisanal crafts to tickle your visuals as you sip your coffee till its last drop. Ground Story is a perfect backdrop for a catch up with friends or a solo-er who could use some Art-spiration.

Maxi Coffee Bar

Location: Club Street

There’s nothing grand about coffee until passion is thrown in. Maxi Coffee Bar is exactly that. They simply want to be known as “a tiny place rocking some nice coffee.” You’ll know it’s made out of pure love for coffee because it tastes that good! If coffee is your comfort drink, then this could just be your secret escape.

Crown Coffee

Location: Kallang

Need to explore new frontiers beyond mainstream coffee? Try looking to coffee with an Italian twist from Crown Coffee – it might just make you squeal “me gusta!” It has long been showcasing Rome in all their coffee creations and gourmet sandwiches. Everyone loves this place because it is non-pretentious, it has decent coffee, and it also offers exciting flavours for non-coffee lovers! Everything on the menu is worth a shot.

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