Best 1-For-1 Deals Featuring Jurong’s Mouthwatering Desserts

Let your taste buds fascinate you with everything sweet and tasty. ENTERTAINER offers the best 1-for-1 deals for your dessert cravings and after-meal treats. Check out these must-visit stores in Jurong.

Andersen’s of Denmark

Location: Jurong Point Shopping Centre

A scoop of Danish Nougat or Vanilla after a hard day’s work won’t hurt, especially if it’s served in perfection at Andersen’s of Denmark. It is known for its natural ice cream flavours from Australia, Belgium, Denmark and around the world. Their ice cream is made of pure cream and no artificial flavours are added. Dig into some of the world’s most exquisite ice cream flavours: Mint chocolate chip – refreshingly sweet; Rum and Raisin – a tasty collision of raisins and Hansen rum; Raspberry, Lemon & Blood Orange Sorbet – a non-dairy treat with a surprising zesty finish; and many more!


Location: Jem

Dessert time just got better with frozen yogurt. If you haven’t tried one, you should not miss smooy. The brand originated in Spain and is the leading frozen yogurt not just in Singapore but in many parts of the world. They’ve been serving ice cream for 95 years now, proving then and again that people will never tire of eating sweets! Their selection of flavours won’t disappoint. They use natural yogurt, special yogurt (with fruits), and chocolate and cream to create a distinct, mouth-watering ice cream delight for all ages. Plus, all their products are low in fat, high in fibre and gluten-free.

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Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

Location: Westgate

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Or perhaps, indulge in a bowl of Korean bingsu at Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe? Both will give you chills and a dose of happiness afterwards! On top of their list is their Red Bean Bingsu. It is made of finely shaved and flavoured ice, Injeolmi (a type of Korean rice cake), red bean, bean powder and almonds. You will love the balance of sweetness and texture with every spoonful. Aside from desserts, all-time Korean favorites like Cheese Tteogkkochi (commonly known as tteokbokki) is another must-try.


Location: Jurong East Street 31

Gone are the days when you have to skip sweets to keep your body fit. Smoocht is changing the game with their low-fat (less than 3% fat, that is!), organic, and vegan ice cream offerings. Flavours include Gula Melaka, Loco Coco (coconut), Dancing King (durian), Earl Grey Lavender, and Pistachio. They also have egg-less waffles, dairy-free coffee, and vegan pizzas. You wouldn’t mind the cut on calories, really. Their food is undeniably flavorful and addictive that you will keep coming back.

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