The Best Cable-Ski Park Unraveled

Cable skiing has always been very popular in Europe and has now gained momentum in Singapore at an unprecedented rate. We took a trip to Singapore’s first and only cable park – Singapore Wake Park, located at East Coast Parkway. Frequented by adrenaline junkies and adventurous urban dwellers. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what the draw was. Other than getting that sun and sea fix, this urban playground has numerous cable systems running in an enclosed lagoon.

Singapore Wake Park

According to Singapore Wake Park – ‘the stark difference between riding on a cable and behind a boat is the use of motorised towers and system versus a motorboat. Most ski parks have a full sized cable that goes one direction – either clockwise or anti-clockwise, at a constant speed of 31km/h. On the other hand, riding behind a boat allows the rider to feel a gradual pull as the driver can adjust the speed according to the rider’s riding ability. Furthermore, wakeboarding in Singapore restricts you to riding only in the day’. However, here they have floodlights that illuminate the Park to allow those who crave to ride in the evenings after work.

Could this be why this playpen has become so addictive to a staggering number of adventure thrill seekers?

What we love about Singapore Wake Park is, whether you are a beginner or experienced rider – you could have a whole lot of fun learning new ways of gliding through deep water. So grab your mates along for more fun and laughs. Don’t forget to use the ENTERTAINER app for 1-4-1 offers on One Hour Passes, Two Hour Passes or even Full Day Passes!

If you’ve visited the SWP, tell us what you liked in the comments section below … :)!





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