Unleash Your Inner Beast This Weekend

Beast Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar

Unleash your inner beast this weekend and feast on some of the most sinful Southern fried chicken, waffles and burgers you can get your hands on. But limit yourselves to these on the dinner table because you absolutely also have to try their other specialities such as cornbread, country fried steak and pimento cheese. That is merely the ‘Southern Kitchen’ side of things. Don’t forget the Bourbon Bar, where they serve the largest variety of Bourbon together with American craft beers and rye speciality cocktails. With enough Bourbon sipped, the oil drums and farmhouse lighting might just make you feel like you’ve been transported to Nashville.

The Mad Men

It’s a mad house at Mad Men. The attic bar sitting on top of a shophouse along North Canal Road has quickly grown to become the go-to spot for both corporate warriors and hippies to converge after hours, and just one visit on a Friday night is more than telling. Whether you’re here to chug beers with the Bros or wine down with your co-workers, the real show stealers are not the reasonably-priced booze or the TGIF fervor the crowd inevitably drums up. It’s the #atticbeats from the live band that will keep you coming back on subsequent weekends.


In order to be a full-fledged weekend warrior, minimal sleep and plenty of fuel are going to be on the radar. Your best bet to have your bodily fuels last? Meat and booze. A lot of it. That’s why MeatSmith is unlikely to disappoint on this front, because these same guys behind Burnt Ends have made it their mission to replicate the authentic smoke house experience you’d find in the States. Smokers are specially flown in halfway across the world and the ‘blacksmiths’ behind them take care to give you that glazed, crackling wickedness your inner carnivore is baying for. The best way to wash them down is, of course, with copious amounts of beers, cocktails and bourbon.

And with Smoke House blues blaring in the background.

O Comptoir

Occupying the former Archipelago Brewery at Circular Road, Ô Comptoir is what they very succinctly describe themselves to be: French crepes and cider. Ease into the weekend with over 20 selections of French and fusion desserts to be enjoyed in the confines of the chic, inviting indoors, or you could go al fresco and order one of their imported Normandy ciders to go with the balmy evening. The ciders here come bigger than your usual 500ml bottles and while it’s hard to get drunk on these, the incredible value you’re getting might make us eat our words.

Sum Yi Tai

Sum Yi Tai at Boon Tat Street has really captured the heart of the CBD crowd looking to transition into the weekend animal. Spanning over three floors in a shophouse, the concept pays tribute to the glory days of 1980 Hong Kong and each floor is dedicated to a different kind of chill. The ground floor functions as the lunch and dinner spot to satiate hunger pangs with classic Cantonese cuisines, but it is not uncommon to find the suits and ties seeking shelter here for some mid-day tipples. The party really starts cranking up at Mona Lounge on the second floor, and it culminates in intoxicating swirl of premium whiskies and cocktails on the private rooftop bar.

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