Say Kanpai To These 1-for-1 Sake Offers

Sake might not exactly be the top choice of alcoholic beverage, but that doesn’t make it any less stellar than the likes of vodka and beer. It is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan, after all – a true testament to its historic significance and persistent legacy. That said, here are 5 1-for-1 sake deals on the ENTERTAINER Cheers app that are worth checking out.

1-for-1 Bottle of House Sake at Nobiro Izakaya & Sake Bar

Location: Clementi

Head over to Nobiro Izakaya & Sake Bar and pair your sake with a good ol’ grilled unagi, or if you’re craving something soupier, seafood udon. The cosy restaurant makes for a great catch-up point, where you and your buddies can reminisce over the good times.

1-for-1 Sake Pot at Hokkai Villa

Location: Raffles Place

Located at Pekin Street, Hokkai Villa’s kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Thomas Kok with over 35 years of culinary skill beneath his belt. Treat your family to an impressive eight-course omakase set with value that’s hard to beat.

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1-for-1 300ml Bottle of House Sake at Hinata

Location: Roberston Quay

A restaurant loved by its patrons, Hinata serves premium sushi, wagyu, shabu shabu and more – which all make for great additions to sake. If you’re looking for a chill ambience to wine and dine, you’ll be in luck at Hinata.

1-for-1 Bottle of House Sake at Shabuya and Shochu Bar

Location: VivoCity

Savour the rich and powerful flavours of Japanese hotpot whilst taking in the beautiful view of Harbourfront. Located in VivoCity, Shabuya and Shochu Bar will surely satisfy your Japanese food cravings after a long day of retail therapy.

1-for-1 Bottle of House Sake at KURO Izakaya

Location: Suntec City

A tough battle at the office warrants a sumptuous dinner treat. Treat yourself to KURO Izakaya‘s kushiyaki (BBQ skewers) and Japanese whiskeys (or, you know, sake) – the two delights the restaurant is most beloved for.

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