Where To Get 1-for-1 Pizza in Singapore

Admit it. Some days you just want to munch slices of pizza and do nothing else for the rest of the day. Well, we know exactly how it feels so go ahead and redeem 1-for-1 pizza at these 5 spots with your ENTERTAINER app.


Location: Multiple Outlets

If you’re like Peter, the owner of PizzaExpress, you must have also wondered where to find the best pizza in town. Good thing he looked no further and put up his own resto, now we can enjoy the pizza exactly the way we want it: original, thin and crispy, inspired by the classic Rome pizza. Their menu has every conceivable flavour to offer: vegan, spicy, tomato-based, and exquisitely-flavoured pizzas. There are also salads, pasta, desserts, teas, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. What’s more, they can personalize your pizza with the ingredients you like. Just feel free to ask.


Location: Boat Quay

If you think you have tried all the pizza flavours there are, you must go visit DePizza and you’ll know you’re wrong. How about trying their new chicken rice and salted egg-inspired pizza? You’ll find other toppings that are out-of-the-ordinary and you wouldn’t regret getting adventurous once you’ve got a taste.

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Pizzeria Lucia

Location: Changi

The one-stop dining place for fresh, Italian stone-baked pizza. Pizzeria Lucia will surprise you with a mix of toppings that go with a perfectly-baked crust. Try their Verdura (vegetarian pizza), Funghi Misti (pizza bombarded with mixed mushroom and mozzarella cheese), and Bak Kwa (savoury sweet barbecue pork with Italian tomato and cheese). Have some afternoon snacks with the family or eat one whole pizza by yourself if you are that hungry!

Crust Pizza

Location: Multiple Outlets

Originating from Australia, Crust Pizza vows to give Singaporeans an exceptional pizza experience. Every pizza they “create” is serenely crisp and you can choose from 8 different pizza sauce bases including hoisin, garlic oil, sweet chilli, and tomato garlic. Vegetarians, meat lovers and seafood fans can all gather in this place and not get disappointed. Their Moroccan Lamb bagged an international best pizza award in Australia, so better give it a try.


Location: Bukit Timah

Spizza has been baking pizza with the freshest ingredients for 16 years. Their pizzas are all made from their in-house dough and every ingredient are certified fresh. Their menu will entice you with a vast selection of pasta and oven-baked dishes, antipasti and sides, and speciality pizzas. Don’t forget to order their tomato-based best-sellers: Margherita and Laura.

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