A Meat Lover’s Guide

Calling all meat lovers, get ready to unleash your inner carnivore! If you like smoky barbecued meats, American soul food, succulent pulled pork, and smoked brisket, then hold on tight because episode one of this epic Meat Lover’s guide might just wake the sleeping beast within! So, let’s begin with the talk of the town …


A super cosy smokehouse with a South American menu, consisting of both American-style smoked and barbecued meats combined with Asian-flavours. The black interior with brick-and-concrete gives a real blacksmith-industrial inspired vibe. You certainly know this restaurant isn’t messing around with their meat, especially when they flew over two huge smokers from America specifically to get the job done! They even have a separate room dedicated to their fantastic charcuterie.

‘Low and slow’ is MeatSmith’s game, as Chef Andrew takes us inside his world!


At MeatSmith you can enjoy juicy premium cuts of meats, appetising Southern sides like Mac and Pimento Cheese or Dirty Fried Rice. What’s not to love? Get ready to sink your teeth into some charred and succulent meat! Don’t forget to use the ENTERTAINER 1-for-1 app at this fine meaty establishment!

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