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It’s long been said that Cafes came into vogue around the time of the French Revolution. A space where ‘thinkers’ gathered to discuss philosophy, politics, sociology, or whatever other ideas might be in vogue. Apparently, the caffeine stimulated discussion. Hmm, today we love Cafes because of their cosy, earthy ambience, free WI-FI access, delicious coffee and pretty good food! Here’s a list of popular haunts trending on the ENTERTAINER!

A.R.C Coffee

Founded on the belief that the coffee experience extends beyond the consumption of a cup of coffee. A.R.C Coffee aims to incorporate elements of coffee-making, roasting and learning; the idea of having an Academy, Roastery and Café in a single workspace was born. Located on Sultan Gate (Arab Street), A.R.C Coffee completes the experience with an all-day dining menu, understanding that good coffee and good food go hand-in-hand.

*Only Main Course Offers Available on the ENTERTAINER

Candour Coffee

Located in the heart of Singapore’s Civic District, Candour Coffee focuses mainly on speciality coffee. Sourcing the best varieties from award-winning roasters around the world, they provide their customers with a comforting cup of coffee paired with some delicious light bites and lovingly handcrafted meals!

*Only Main Course Offers Available on the ENTERTAINER

Laaf Coffee & Bistro

The menu at Laaf is Australian-inspired, with Asian touches including vegetarian options. Their stocks, stews, sauces, batters and desserts are freshly prepared. Also serving fresh fruit blends and alcohol. Jing is their undisputed choice of tea to accompany your meal and desserts! Yum …

*Only Main Course Offers Available on the ENTERTAINER

Jewel Coffee

Founded in 2010 Jewel Coffee prides itself in creating ‘approachable and accessible’ speciality coffee. I asked a friend to explain what this means to her. She cited freshness, roast level and aroma as key qualities she looked for when purchasing ‘posh’ coffee. I tend to agree, rich coffee – provided in a cosy environment, coupled with speedy service is worth its weight in gold. With 7 outlets currently on the ENTERTAINER, you can spot Jewel Coffee haunts in Great World City and Tanjong Pagar Centre!

JAB Coffee

Located on the basement floor of One Raffles Place, with the aroma of coffee and pastries wafting through the air, it’s pretty hard to miss. The cool thing about JAB Coffee is they add double shots of handcrafted espresso using premium Arabica beans that originate from Uganda, Sumatra, India or Brazil. For non-coffee drinkers, you can order non-caffeinated options like T2 teas, cold press juices, or hot chocolate.

Huggs Coffee Singapore

Changi City Point is located in the vicinity of Changi Business Park and renowned as the factory outlet mall for brands such as Adidas, Nike and Lacoste. Hence, easy to see why it’s a popular destination point for locals and tourists alike! What we love about Huggs Coffee Singapore, aside from having a prime spot in Changi Business Park. Is it embraces the best traditional techniques for serving the tastiest coffee possible; They actually present artisanal coffee from Medellin, the Huila region, Columbia, Brazil, Sumatran and Vietnamese origins, satisfying every aficionado from any culture!

Now that your thirst has been quenched, stomach filled and legs rested, it’s time to move onto your next spot! Don’t forget the ENTERTAINER App entitles you to sweet 1-for-1 deals at any of these venues!


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