Top 3 Quirky Spots We Love

Are your weekend routine getting stale? There are two things you can do here, really. One, moan about it within the four walls of your bedroom and queue yet another Netflix marathon. Or, you could log into the ENTERTAINER app and find intriguingly fun activities that makes you wonder why in the world you would want to stay home in the first place.

We’ve lined up three underestimated options that will deliver a fresh spin on your everyday shopping and café hopping weekend routine.

Cat Café Neko No Niwa

If you’re the type who loves spending illicit leisure time in the office watching cat videos on YouTube, come on over to Cat Café Neko No Niwa already. Started by a couple of feline lovers, this is Singapore’s very first cat café housing 13 rescue cats of different breeds. Their message is simple: non-pedigreed cats can make for purrfect companions and adoption is strongly encouraged.

Your experience here would be just like any other cafés you patronise – coffee, cakes and whatnots — except you’ll be lounging in the therapeutic company of your new furry friends. They really wouldn’t say no if you want to get more hands-on with a round of grooming or a cat massage. Isn’t that so much better than just watching them goof around on YouTube?

Cat Café Neko No Niwa also organises cat care workshops for aspiring cat adopters and current owners.

MINT Museum of Toys

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit your kindergarten selves all over again. Inside the MINT Museum of Toys is a wonderland teeming with all kinds of vintage toys and rare collectables ever imaginable, and you’d be hard pressed not to double over from the nostalgia wave. You might even find something to add to an existing collection that your mother has, miraculous, yet to bin.

For each passing month, MINT Museum of Toys keeps things fresh by changing themes. They have previously featured ‘Women in History’ for March and Betty Boop’s love story for Valentine’s month of February.

ZOVB Singapore

We saved the quirkiest for the last. If Zorbing is still a foreign concept to you, it’s one of those out-of-the-box thrill rides that involves having you strapped inside a giant inflatable sphere and then rolling downhill like an air-cushioned wreck ball. That’s pretty much the closest you can get to the weightless, anti-gravity sensation on land, and it’s also a simulation of hamsters working at the wheel when you have to climb back up the slopes. At ZOVB Singapore, you get to choose other versions of Zorbing like Bloop Soccer and rolling on bodies of water.

Need to organise something quirky for your next birthday bash or corporate event? Download the ENTERTAINER app to enjoy massive savings on such activities!

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