The Best Ways to Lose Your CNY Calories

Snack overload is inevitable whenever Chinese New Year comes around, giving you almost zero chance to #eatclean. Following which, the guilt is sure to play catch up, so here’s a list of health and fitness venues to give you some much-needed motivation after the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Oompf! Fitness

Location: East Coast

You have heard of bespoke bars, but have you heard of bespoke gyms? Oompf! gives you that tailor-made experience you need to reach your fitness goals. It starts with an in-depth assessment of your body, followed by a customized training to unlock your potentials.

Using Plus3, a lifestyle fitness program unique to Oompf!, they encourage a holistic approach to develop your movement and mind. Engage yourself in their wide range of classes like yoga and total body workouts. You can also get involved in their personal training programs to level up your fitness goals.

A2 Parkour

Location: Kallang

It isn’t that difficult to become a Jackie Chan with parkour being so prevalent. A2 Parkour is one such academy that provides professional training for people who want to involve themselves in stunts such as jumping over railings and leaping from walls.

The parkour training will impart techniques and philosophies to trainees and push their limits, encouraging creativity and mental focus. They have classes catered specially for children and ladies, as well as those who may have different needs.


Location: Orchard Road

Taking you one step beyond aqua aerobics, aqua spinning proves to be an exercise that is both fun and intense. It burns three times more calories compared to regular land exercises; whether you are looking to lose the extra weight from the CNY snacking or build cardiovascular endurance, aqua spinning is for you.

Every session is tailored to target the ‘showy’ areas of your body like legs, abs and arms. Aqua spinning is suitable for all ages, as there is zero impact on joints due to the buoyancy of water.

bbounce Studio

Location: Orchard Road

You might have been to one of the few trampoline parks we have in Singapore, but bbounce is Singapore’s first dedicated rebounding fitness studio that offers reinvented workouts.

The bbounce Fitness Method incorporates mini trampolines with resistance bands, weights and strength training to give you a dynamic workout. It is meant to help you to achieve your fitness goals within the shortest possible time by combining aerobic and anaerobic cardio training and muscle sculpting.

It is also two times more effective at burning calories compared to other cardiovascular activities like jogging.


Location: Serangoon

CELL is a functional training playground that focuses on movement patterns of regular daily activities. It is perfect for those want to ease back into pre-CNY weight. You can choose to participate in their group classes like pilates, yoga, circuit, kettlebell, and functional strength training.

For functional strength training, you’ll be trained to do proper squats and learn how to apply movement patterns on equipment like tyres. This class will go a long way in helping you to prevent injuries while strengthening your muscles and joints.

Don’t wait to lose weight. If you’re ready to book a class, download the ENTERTAINER App to claim your 50% off fitness classes! In case you missed it, our Chinese New Year bundle promo is still up for grabs until February 26, where you can also win SGD600 worth of dining and spa vouchers.

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