8 Awkward Situations to Avoid This Chinese New Year

Some of us love Chinese New Year because we get extra allowance from our Ang Pow hauls. Some others enjoy it because they get to gather the ‘kakis’ for leisurely games of mahjong and of course, it is also a time for us to catch up with relatives. But some of us would rather have all these without awkward situations that inevitably come with the occasion. Here’s a list of 8 awkward situations to let you know you are not alone in this CNY frustration.

#1 The Never-Satisfied Relatives

Remember when you were single and they kept asking when you are getting married? Now that you are married, they will be asking you when you’ll be having your first child. Just when you think that it’s the end of their interrogation after your first born, they will be asking you when will be your second one coming.

#2 The Weight-y Question

Answering “No!” to the question of “Did you gain weight?” and your relatives will still insist that you had. Answering “Yes!” to the same question and they will still continue commenting on it anyway. There is no stopping answer to zip them up. So just nod, put on a smile and enjoy the new year snacks.

#3 Getting called by the wrong name

Being called by the wrong name every year is a bit annoying, but what to do, some of your relatives only see you once a year. If you’re in this situation and you’ve given up hope, just grin and shuffle away. It’s just for once a year anyway.

#4 Unintentional Twinning

Whether you’re a man or woman, nobody likes the awkward situation of being spotted in the same clothes, unless you’ve planned it. In this situation, you can either choose to be magnanimous and laugh it off or hide from your unintentional twin and escape at the first available chance. Otherwise, it may lead to awkward situation #5.

#5 The Kaypoh Relative

The one who just has to ask about everything and never says the right thing. So if you happen to be in awkward situation #4 while the kaypoh relative is around, expect an onslaught of questions like, “Eh? You two wearing the same thing ah? So funny!” The problem is that he or she will do it with ‘built-in loudspeakers’ that the entire house of guests will notice. Once again, just grin and shuffle away.

#6 The Ex-planation

You’re seeing someone new. That’s great, until a socially unaware relative prods you about your ex that you brought last year. Any way to escape this situation? Well, if you can’t convince them, confuse them!

#7 Getting caught peeking at your Ang Pows

You really don’t want to be caught scowling at the amount of money in the Ang Pow that you’ve just received. That is probably one way to make sure that you don’t get another one next year.

#8 Compare all day, every day

There are relatives who take comparison as a sport. They love to compare you to your siblings right in your face. If not, they will start comparing you to their overachieving son or daughter who is currently doing their PHD in who cares what. They can even go the extreme of comparing you to yourself, “You last time so fit, what happened?”

One trick to avoid these awkward situations is to get the ENTERTAINER and use it as a conversational tool to divert the attention. Your relatives will be too distracted by the slew of amazing 1-for-1 deals on it to even pick up the slack.

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