Let’s Go Play Outside

Do you feel lethargic all the time, desperately longing for some sunshine and the great outdoors? If so, put the books, iphone 7s & games down … Yes, that means Pokemon Go too. Let us show you some amazing activities guaranteed to bring out the adventurer in you.

Bubble Bump

Do you love playing soccer but hate getting hit by the ball? Well now, you can play it and feel safe at the same time with Bubble Bump. Players are strapped in and encased in a huge inflatable ball that absorbs any heavy impact from the activity. The objective? To score as many goals as possible and, gain a strategic advantage against the opposing team. It’s a hilarious team-bonding activity that guarantees hours of endless laughter, as you watch friends stumble and roll across the pitch. And don’t worry if you haven’t any soccer experience, everyone is welcome here!

Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure, located in Bedok Reservoir allows you to face your fears and take on challenging treetop obstacles. Participants will be secured using a harness and provided with a helmet for additional protection, so that you can swing from tree to tree worry-free. It’s definitely a lot of fun for the whole family and your kids will have a blast climbing up, down and through various obstacles. Once you’ve conquered all that stands in your way, take a moment to admire the breathtaking view from the top! You’ll definitely be feeling like Kings and Queens of the forest!

Megazip Adventure Park

Take in the beautiful scenery of Imbiah Hill at Sentosa with a picturesque birds-eye view from the top, while being suspended from a zip-line 75m high. This exhilarating ‘flight’ will get your heart racing and your senses heightened. It’s a fun place to visit with friends and family, and one thing to tick off the adventure bucket list. If you’re feeling daring enough, you and another person could even zip-line in tandem! The MegaZip Adventure Park not only features the zip-line activity, but also has various activities such as a simulated parachute jump which requires the person to leap off a platform 15m above the ground (known as the ParaJump)! Test your strength, courage and speed all at once at the MegaZip Adventure Park!

Combat Archery

Have you always wanted to experience life in The Hunger Games or The Lord of The Rings? Well embrace your inner Katniss, Pete or Legolas, shoot some targets and dodge some painless foam-tipped arrows. Combat Archery incorporates elements of archery, dodge ball and paintball all in one competitive, action-packed game. Guaranteed to get you drenched in sweat and your adrenaline pumping for hours! There are various game options available for all ages and group sizes, which would be perfect for your next family outing, office bonding session or birthday party!

Get off the couch and head outdoors for hours of sweat-filled, heart racing fun with your loved ones! Make use of the ENTERTAINER 1-for-1 app at all 4 of these outdoor adventure spots!

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