TOP 5 Trendy Bars On Club Street

Bars On Club Street … It’s always a good time to check out Club Street! As the night wears on, it’s hard not to miss the still buzzing crowd and those wayward stragglers who would be stumbling down the slope in a drunken haze. Why? There’s just too many good bars and deals to go around. Now that our watch says Cheers o’ clock, we find five of the most can’t-go-wrong bars in and around Club Street to set you up for that requisite work escape (and a morning hangover).

Bars On Club Street

Nutmeg & Clove

The concept of Nutmeg & Clove hinges on uniquely Singaporean flavours drawn from both past and present. Comprising three floors, the second resembles Chinese medical halls of olden days, while the third is more suitable for intimate parties in a traditional English mansion setting. No matter which level you decide to park yourself at, the speciality cocktail bar has plenty of unconventional selections on the drinks menu to surprise you.

Under the five categories named in a throwback to Singapore’s history, you’ll find classic cocktails reimagined with a strong Singaporean twist. Case in point? There is the Good ‘Ole’ Fashion Revolution, a take on the Old Fashioned that infuses Nasi Lemak flavours. And then they have the Liquid Gold, a Whisky Sour tinged with chrysanthemum aromas. If you are a first time visitor who is rendered too bewildered to make the right order, just ask your savvy Nutmeg & Clove mixologist for recommendations.


Busting groovy tunes out of Ann Siang Hill, this rowdy bar ain’t no hidden gem. They stand firm in their belief that no matter where you look, you won’t miss GEM BAR because they are that awesome and happening. They also dub themselves as the most handsome bar around the block. With the steady stream of crowd they are drawing in, they are definitely onto something. GEM BAR is into its sixth year of establishment and they have up to three floors worth of entertainment and alcohol to keep any night going. Behind the bar counter, they stash a whole stock of house pours, champagne, premium gin, whiskies, wines, bottled beers and signature cocktails to keep the hours very happy.

Sa Yum

With the word ‘Yum’ in the name, there’s probably going to be extra pressure to deliver. Sa Yum is a new outfit at Club Street specialising in Thai favourites such as Tom Yum Soup, Phad Thai, Red Curry and Thai Grilled Pork. But when night falls, it is a whole other story altogether as it eases into a post-work rendezvous point with 1-for-1 beers. It is not hard to spot Sa Yum’s distinctive yellow tent flap once you enter Club Street.

Rooftop at Screening Room

The Screening Room is not just a screening room for the consummate movie buffs; inside the boutique theatre, you may enjoy a glass of champagne and savoury bar bites to go with the film of the day, but above it rests the real level of boozy fun. The rooftop bar, known formerly as La Terraza, is a highly acclaimed al fresco bar dishing out boozy concoctions as much as it does a wondrous view of CBD skyscrapers and the Chinatown complex. If you were to think about it, The Screening Room does house all the essential entertainment you need under one roof (bar).

Aria Roof Bar

Located in the Scarlet Hotel – Aria Roof Bar is a vibrant spot atop a boutique heritage shophouse in Singapore’s old Chinatown district. It serves authentic Sicilian street food and original cocktails (all named after the owners loved ones) – in charming colonial surroundings offering contrasting views of Chinatown’s terracotta rooftops and the modern skyline of Singapore’s Business District. Aria, being the largest rooftop bar on Club Street and the Ann Siang area is also able to host grand parties for 50-200 guests!

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