A Taste Of Thailand: Why We Love Thai Food!

Given that one of the first things Thais ask each other when they meet up is, “have you eaten yet?”. It’s clear how passionate they are about food. So if you want to know how good a Thai restaurant is? Don’t look at the menu, décor or even the prices. Look at the number of people inside, that’s your quality indicator. Here are 3 popular Thai eateries worthy of many visits!

Bangkok Jam

Step into Bangkok Jam and you’ll fall in love with the restaurant’s refreshing take on Thai dining, from its modern bistro-styled interior to its cosmopolitan treatment of Thai fare. It embraces Asia’s City of Angels, better known as Bangkok and its metropolitan qualities that make it a melting pot of culture, style and cuisine! With 8 Outlets on the ENTERTAINER, some of which include Great World City, Jem, Bugis Junction, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Sa Yum

Breezy Club Street is the best place in town to get some al fresco dining during the eternal summer; the snazzy Thai plates at Sa Yum are the perfect match for the heat. Though a little rough around the edges, they offer amazing Thai food, simply and authentically prepared.

Siam Kitchen

Located in 3 prime spots – Lot 1, Eastpoint Mall & Bukit Panjang Mall – Siam Kitchen brings authentic dishes of ancient Siam to young diners with a discerning palate. Let Thai Chefs, handpicked for their ability to whip up delicious home-styled Thai cuisine, thrill you with familiar favourites such as tom yum goong, green curry with chicken and Siam Kitchen’s marinated fish sauce with mid-joint chicken wings!

In the year of the rooster, I’m sure you’ll have many new spots to check out with family or friends! If these restaurants aren’t already on your ‘go to’ list, then put them on, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to use the ENTERTAINER App to enjoy 1-for-1 deals on any of their Main Course items!


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