Get Healthy With These 5 ENTERTAINER Merchants

Whether it’s a sweet but sugar-free snack you’re after, a vitamin-packed smoothie, or a salad loaded with greens, we have awesome discounts available at selected healthy food restaurants. Make sure you have your ENTERTAINER app and a health-conscious friend with you. Voila! Healthy mind, body and financial status.

#1 Aloha Poke

Offer: 1-for-1 Poke bowl

A poke bowl is like a salad, just better. This colourful Hawaiian dish is filled with diced raw fish, a selection of greens, veggies, and noodles or rice, complemented with a squeeze of citrusy dressing. While it’s loaded with goodness, it’s oh-so-tasty, and will leave you feeling satisfied for the rest of the day. Aloha Poke in the Jewel Changi airport offers 1-for-1 Poke bowls with the ENTERTAINER, ensuring you get a discounted dose of health before your trip.

Address: 78 Airport Blvd, 05-200, Jewel Changi

#2 Wafuken

Offer: 25% off total bill

Wafuken takes pride in whipping up heartfelt fares, using the sous-vide cooking technique to ensure the quality of their proteins. While sous vide cooked food is mostly found only in gourmet restaurants, Wafuken offers it to everyone readily at affordable pricing, fully customizable to your dietary plans and needs.

Address: 10 Sinaran Dr, Square 2 #02-65/66/67


Offer: 1-for-1 Classic frozen yoghurt

When that ice cream craving kicks in, it’s hard to shake, we know. But have you tried SMÖOY? This Spanish frozen yoghurt company specialises in low-fat, high fibre and gluten-free ice creams that come in four different flavours (natural yoghurt, special yoghurt (fruits), chocolate, and cream). To top it off, literally, you can add an assortment of colourful treats to your healthy ice cream, making it delicious and fun.

Address: 107 North Bridge Road, #B2-K09, Funan Mall

#4 Chengdu Bowl

Offer: 1-for-1 large Chengdu bowl

Chengdu Bowl brings you healthy traditional Sichuan food with a modern twist. Fresh ingredients like edamame beans, fresh corn, bok choy, red cabbage, and mushrooms make up the foundation of a Chengdu bowl, while meats like pork belly, stewed chicken, Mala chicken, and prawns are used to complement your veggies. Colourful, flavourful, traditional and warm; these bowls will make you feel healthy without compromising on your foodie experience.

Address: 133 New Bridge Road, B1-16

#5 Qwang

Offer: 1-for-1 Salad Bowl

Expect healthy Vietnamese fares when you drop by Qwang. With a hearty mix of fresh greens, tasty proteins and refreshing herbs, drizzled with a unique savoury and tangy sauce, you’ll surely have a satisfying meal. And, with your ENTERTAINER, you can enjoy 1-for-1 offers, making healthy eating scaffordable.

Address: 9 Yio Chu Kang Road Space@Kovan #01-51

And, that’s a wrap, folks! Make sure you’ve downloaded your ENTERTAINER app, and that you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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