Get 50% Off Personal Training Sessions At These 5 Fitness Studios

Whatever your motivation is for going to the gym, the most important thing is that you show up. It’s not so difficult to do especially now that ENTERTAINER is offering 50% off personal training at these 5 fitness centres:


Location: Tanjong Pagar, Ann Siang, and Raffles Place

First thing that comes to mind when you talk about fitness is sweat, pain and weights. It’s partly true, but it’s not all there is. Level takes a holistic approach to fitness, ensuring that both body and mind are in sync and well-balanced. Aside from their Spartan Race boot camps, full body circuit, or weightless weightlifting classes, they offer slots for yoga, sound and meditation healing, and reiki – a kind of energy healing. You’ll be happy to know it just takes 30 minutes or so to get your needed stamina for the day.

Uppercut Boxing

Location: Tanjong Pagar

Are you up for a good fight against your lazy bones? Uppercut Boxing welcomes everyone – beginners and experienced boxers alike – to develop and maintain body endurance and muscle strength through their variety of boxing classes. Techniques and movements vary in each class depending on your level, but the workout intensity and the mad music on the background is kept high to keep you on your toes.

Kilter Avenue

Location: Raffles Place

Kilter Avenue defines “fitness” by addressing the human’s fundamental need to eat, drink, socialise, and build relationships. Sadly, this has all been halted by the modern times when everything a man does is work. Hence this lifestyle space was born to provide a venue where people are immersed in a variety of motor movements through Calisthenics. As a result, you feel lighter and your daily movements would see more precision. They also offer healthy food and drinks to complement your body workout.

Innervate Fitness

Location: Kallang

Fitness knows no age nor limitations. Innervate Fitness believes in this principle and so they provide a family-friendly facility with specialized programs designed for all body types, young or old. There is also an adaptive program for the physically challenged. Try out their CrossFit camps, unleash your combat skills, and just sweat it out! You will surely enjoy the atmosphere in this all-inclusive venue.

Studio 360 Fitness

Location: Chinatown

Meet new friends while working out over at Studio 360 Fitness. They specialize in group exercise classes that are sure to hype you up while sharing fitness goals with your fellow trainees. You’ll love the liberty of moving around in a huge, outdoor lounge while keeping yourself in the zone over some serious yoga, pilates, core training, Zumba, street dancing, and more!

You need only three things for a new you: a pair of training shoes, a cool training outfit, and the ENTERTAINER for your 50% personal training discount. Don’t have the app yet? Click here to try it for FREE today.

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