Fat Cow – Best Japanese Steakhouse

Best Japanese Steakhouse – The donburi – Japanese styled rice bowls has been making a strong presence symbolized by snaking queues and returning visitors. Located at Camden Medical Center in Orchard Boulevard, Fat Cow is one such establishment offering uncompromising quality on premium beef bowls. The meat atelier lets diners savour their selection of Wagyu beef sourced from the most reputable of farms, via Japanese preparation methods like Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki and Sumibiyaki. There is also a ‘Butcher’s Selection’ that you may not know about. Until now, that is. Here, you get to choose from the lesser known and unusual cuts of beef beyond your usual sirloin and rib eye.

Fat Cow

Best Japanese Steakhouse

Speaking of Sumibiyaki, the charcoal grill method is used in the making of the signature Fat Cow donburi, comprising juicy slices of Wagyu beef with Onsen egg and shredded leek over rice. The donburi is first assembled by seasoning the cut of beef with salt and pepper, before being cooked on the grill to a tender, smoky perfection. The sliced beef reveals a soft pink of the doneness within, and is carefully laid over a bed of rice and garnished with salmon roe.

If you are not already hungry watching this meticulous, behind-the-scenes preparation by Chef Fukashi Adachi, actually tasting it might make you go from Fat Cow to “Holy cow!”

Best Japanese Steakhouse

Fat Cow was first opened back in 2011 by The Big Idea Group. In case you think the name insinuates an inevitable weight gain after stuffing your face with these exclusively curated cuts of beef, you are not too far from the truth. After all, the ‘Fat’ signifies wealth and abundance in Mandarin.

  • Main Course (3 offers)
  • Your Estimated Savings SGD 95 – Valid until 31st Dec 2017

Just so you know, Fat Cow is not all about its beef, though. It also doubles as a Japanese gastro bar, where you can wet your lips with Japanese-inspired cocktails and shochu infusions at the Fat Cow Lounge.

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