Living More – Emcee Royce Lee

Living More – Emcee Royce Lee, known for his wit and passion for life not to mention hosting! The talented ‘voice personality’ & charismatic host always succeeds in entertaining the crowd. On a quest to find out why over 67% of us prefer restaurants & cafes to home-cooked meals. I chatted to man about town – Royce Lee on what he enjoys about dining out on the ENTERTAINER.

Here’s what he said …

Living More – Emcee Royce Lee


Thanks for the feedback Royce!

It’s pretty clear that Singapore’s changing lifestyles and culinary preferences are seeing more people eating out than ever before and at new styles of restaurants. And who can blame us, the share number of cuisines available is mind-blowing, from Western, To Thai, To Chinese, To Indian… We’re literally spoilt for choice with all the delicious, yummy options available.

Let’s not forget how much busier everyone is these days, eating out saves you spending hours after a hard day at work, slumped over a hot stove – cooking up a storm.

Hmmm … So, it’s pretty easy to appreciate the ‘dine out’ appeal, especially with cost savings 1-4-1 offers available on the ENTERTAINER app.

We say Eat More & Spend Less 😀

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