10 Overlooked Destinations In Asia You Should Travel To

Being the world’s largest and most populous continent, Asia is a hit with tourists thanks to its vast culture, beautiful people and stunning landscapes. Popular experiences include trekking in the cold Himalayas, soaking under the sun at the beaches of Philippines and travelling back in time in Cambodia. While these destinations are etched in tourists’ fave list, these are not the only destinations Asia has in store. Below are 10 noteworthy Asian destinations that you may not know of. And while you’re choosing your next Asian destination from our list, do check out our ENTERTAINER getaways competition as well for a chance to win a free holiday to Sri Lanka, Nepal, or Italy.

1. Sempornah, Malaysia

Sempornah is another gateway for diving and snorkelling in Malaysia. This destination has not caught on with most tourists, but it has some decent attractions itself. A must-do in Semporna is to visit the Bukit Tengkorak or Skull Hill which brings back World War II memories. One can climb to the peak of Bohey Dulang Island and conquer its muddy path that requires the challenge of crawling over tree roots.

2. Mui Ne, Vietnam

If you’ve had enough white sand experience, then it’s time to switch things up and visit the unique red sand dunes in Mui Ne. This destination allows tourist to enter the world of fantasy at Fairy Stream – a little river that carves its way through a bamboo forest. Continue walking upstream and a small waterfall will be waiting for you for a rejuvenation.

3. Batanes, Philippines

The Philippines is not all about island hopping in Palawan but it can take you to a vast area of grasslands and rolling hills. Batanes is in the most northern part of the Philippines – a peaceful and beautiful paradise with lots of greenery and a stunning view of the ocean from a hilltop. Snap Instagram worthy photos at the boulder beach where you’ll see boulders stretching over 3 kilometres by the beach.

4. Hpa An, Myanmar

Unique cave temples and other religious monuments await you in the southeastern part of Myanmar. Hpa An is a place where you’ll lose yourself in Buddha statues and cave diving, with one filled with thousands of bats.
Probably not for the faint of heart.

5. Beppu, Japan

Hell is the last place you’ll want to visit and apparently, Japan has eight of them. Spend some time at the eight hells of Beppu where one can experience multi-coloured volcanic pits of boiling water and sulphuric mud. To lighten up the mood, several hot springs are available downtown where you can soak and rest those tired muscles.

6. Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy is a city of sacred temples, royalty gardens and a cultural hub in Sri Lanka – a perfect destination to take a visit down the memory lane of Sri Lankan history. Discover temples and other structures dated back to the ancient kings. The must-visits are the Temple of the Tooth where you can find the tooth relic of Buddha and Arthur’s Seat that promises a panoramic view of Kandy City.

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7. Koh Kood, Thailand

Koh Kood is where waterfalls and rivers alike can be enjoyed by those who find thrills on water bodies. Each waterfall features a huge pool for you to dive in or dip in. The Huang Num Keaw Waterfall, also known as the Secret or Hidden Waterfall, is a must-visit. This stunning waterfall is surrounded by an expansive jungle of 300-year old Macca Trees.

8. Kampong Som, Cambodia

Kampong Som, commonly known as Sihanoukville, is a one-stop destination in Cambodia for tourists looking for an array of adventures. Tourists can choose from river cruising to island hopping, with snorkelling, scuba diving, beach swimming and other fun outdoor activities at several water parks.

9. Busan, South Korea

Another way to experience South Korea, other than the city lights and stunning parks, is the cultural heritage and awe-inspiring landscapes of Busan. Busan is very rich in culture and it preserves the ancient South Korean lifestyle. Don’t forget to visit the colourful Gamcheon Cultural Village which also known as the “Santorini of the East” or the “Lego village.”

10. Tainan, Taiwan

This is the oldest city in Taiwan and the capital during the imperial times. Tainan is famous for its temples, historical sites and food. Take a quick tour of the Anping district where the Eternal Gold Castle is – featuring a saltwater moat, earthen mound and replica cannons. Glance through the townhouses’ roofs where you will notice mystifying clay figurines: they are believed to guard the owners against evil.

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