The Ultimate Dessert Lover’s Guide

As much as Singaporeans love good food, we also have an extra stomach for desserts too. So we’ve made things easier by narrowing down 4 sweet spots to visit and indulge.

L’Eclair by Sarah Michelle

We walked into L’Eclair’s and immediately fell for its chic gold and black Parisian vibe. Chef-owners Sarah and Michelle should be pretty proud of what they’ve accomplished! Designing beautifully Instagram-worthy éclair’s, delicious and oh so delicately prepared. They appear to have drawn inspiration from various cultures, by creating flavours like lime-basil, kaya pandan, and even matcha azuki. Definitely a beautiful (yummy) work of art!

Cocoa Colony

Calling all hardcore chocoholics – If that’s you, then it’s safe to say you’ll be on cloud nine knowing a place like this exists! A speciality chocolate cafe serving pastries and cocoa drinks made using a ‘secret recipe’. Spoil yourself crazy by choosing from an assortment of sweet treats, decadent 72% hot chocolate drinks to savoury meals like pasta, waffles and sandwiches. You can stop by any one of their stores island-wide and refuel your energy with delicious beverages!

Baskin Robbins Singapore

Step inside – and the first thing that hits you, is how bright and colourful it is, giving off a fun and playful vibe. Looking at the presentation of goodies & the sheer choice of flavours – Ice creams, Sundae and Milkshakes, you can see it’s a labour of love. What we particularly like is it offers over 1000 different ice creams, including Sugar-Free, Fat-Free and Light choices! With 5 outlets on the ENTERTAINER 2017 App, you’ll be spoilt for choice … So, go on – sink your teeth into their delicious desserts!

Café Insadong

Anhyeong haseyo! If you’re a huge fan of Korean pop-culture and its drama serials then you’re probably no stranger to Pat Bingsu and Injeolmi. Pat Bingsu is a Korean-version of a shaved ice dessert topped with condensed milk, ice cream, fruit syrup, azuki beans, fruits, an assortment of crunchy nuts and sticky-sweet Korean rice cakes. Café Insadong has reinvented the original milky flavour into creative flavours like green tea, mango, sweet potato, Oreo and red bean. Besides serving Pat Bingsu, they also have something called the Injeolmi Toast, which is made by placing pieces of Korean rice cake in-between slices of bread and topped with syrup and ice cream. Lovely!

Don’t worry about what your gym instructor or inner voice tells you, just remember you can always start that diet tomorrow (as always)! Feel free to take advantage of the ENTERTAINER 1-for-1 App for Main Course Items/ Eclairs/ Beverages/ Sundae/ Milkshakes and more at any of these sweet spots!




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