6 Types Of Family Members Who Will Love The ENTERTAINER: CNY Edition

CNY is coming, and it’s the year of the pig. We’re 100% confident that this is a sign for everybody to pig out and go ham when it comes to indulgence – be it food, drinks, lifestyle. We should go all out for the sake of maximum huatness, right?

If you’re looking for some good fun, a good deal (more than you can count, actually), and some CNY zodiac advice just for fun, you’ve come to the right place. And to go a step further, we’ve identified 6 very familiar types of family members who would be more than happy to go on an ENTERTAINER adventure with you.

#1 That Auntie

No, we’re not discriminating against aunties™, we’re referring to family members who simply wouldn’t say no to extra food when given the chance – no matter how young or old. If you know an auntie-at-heart, you know he or she is THE news source when it comes to too-good-to-be-true deals. Now’s the right time to get them in on the app so they can rattle off the best choices whenever a craving strikes you.

Bring your beloved aunties for endless 1-for-1 buffet deals with our app. Check out the cosy Straits Cafe for their 1-for-1 lunch and dinner buffets!

Potential aunties-at-heart:
Ox – Patient, kind and conservative
Rabbit – Popular, compassionate and sincere

Those with the Ox and Rabbit zodiac signs have their way with people and will definitely share the good stuff with you!

#2 The Foodie

However picky, we have more than enough deals for your food-loving family members. With an endless list of 1-for-1 food deals on our app, we guarantee that they’ll find something they like. Atas tastebuds? No problem. You both should check out the 1-for-1 deals at Bedrock Bar & Grill, or Tajimaya Yakiniku if you love Japanese food!

Your foodie relative will highly approve of this steak from Bedrock Bar & Grill.

Potential foodies:
Rooster – Independent, practical, and observant These two signs would definitely be a perfect pair
Pig – Loving, tolerant, honest and appreciative of luxury

These two signs would have good taste (literally) with the Rooster’s sharp eye and the Pig’s appreciation for luxury.

#3 The Hungry

This one might require more than one 1-for-1 deal, so both you and your ravenous family member should download the app to settle all your hunger games. Go for our 1-for-1 buffet deals or a nice restaurant for your yummy food fix!

The odds will ever be in your favour when you take a hungry relative to Fat Cow.

Potentially very hungry:
Tiger – Authoritative, emotional, courageous and intense
Horse – Energetic, independent, impatient and loves travelling

It seems that Tigers would desire a much-needed break with all that intensity and all those emotions. You busy people already have so much on your plate, what’s better than a feast to fix that? If you’re a Horse, we’re happy to have someone who’s pumped up to eat!

#4 The Siao On

We’re sure your overzealous family member has the ability to bring it to the proverbial and literal table any time, any day of the year. This is why you should reward them with 1-for-1 drinks all day, everyday.

1-for-1 drinks at Brewerkz is a sure come-on!

Potential alcohol chuggers:
Dragon – Energetic, fearless, warm and charismatic
Monkey – Fun, energetic and active

Dragons not scared what, and Monkeys damn siao on. Enjoy the booze, but take care of your liver and drink in moderation, okay? We’re talking to you, the siao ones!

#5 The Chill One

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we’re also certain that that one chill family member in the fam loves booze too. He’s just not vocal about it, trust. Kick back, unwind and chill at Clarke Quay with our endless 1-for-1 booze-infused deals. For the peeps who prefer to do without alcohol, does a nice dinner at the PizzaExpress or Jamie’s Italian sound good? You’ll love their 1-for-1 main courses.

Chill out with a slice or two at PizzaExpress

For best effect, chill with:
Sheep – Mild-mannered, shy, kind and peace-loving
Dog – Patient, diligent, generous, faithful and kind

With such kind and sweet souls, the Sheep and Dog deserve to have their love reciprocated! 1-for-1 main courses at Fat Cow or Jamie’s Italian are bound to give them a really good time.

#6 The Fitness Guru

You know that this super fit family member of yours lives in the gym. Launch him or her into something new this 2019 with 50% off a personal training session, one-month memberships, or other workout deals on the ENTERTAINER.

Get your blood pumping with a personal training session at Uppercut Boxing.

Potential workout beasts:
Rat – Quick-witted, smart, charming and persuasive
Snake – Charming, generous, clever and a sociable introvert

Bring them along for a boxing session and these two will definitely roll with the punches! The Rat’s quick-wittedness and the cleverness of the Snake make them swift and agile boxers.

If you enjoyed this list, make sure to download the ENTERTAINER for our never-ending list of awesome deals for food, drinks, retail, beauty, fitness and travel. We wish you a happy, prosperous and entertaining CNY!

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