5 Great Cafes For All-Day Breakfast

Breakfast for lunch or dinner? Count us in! Pop down anytime at these 5 cafes to enjoy 1-for-1 all-day breakfast items with the ENTERTAINER app.

Dean & Deluca

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Dean & Deluca serves all-day breakfast that will remind you of lazy Sunday mornings. Bacon, eggs and hollandaise sauce—what’s not to love? If you need a pick-me-up, don’t miss a sip of their freshly brewed coffee. Prefer something sweet? You can always pick whatever you fancy from a selection of decadent cakes and pastries.

Oriole Coffee

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A decadent breakfast means toast, bacon, baked beans, and eggs. That’s precisely what you will get in Oriole Coffee’s Fully Loaded Breakfast. If that one’s too heavy for you, they do have other lighter options such as Avocado Toast and Bircher Greek Yoghurt to sate you. These classic breakfast items are available till 6 pm, so knock yourself out!

Kith Café

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On a well deserved off day or on weekends, chill out at Kith with your friends and family. Their all-day breakfast favourites include Kith Breakfast, House-Made Pancakes, Bacon Wrap, Muesli and more. Surely, you don’t have to miss your favourite meal of the day even when you sleep in!

Toby’s Estate

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This quaint cafe located at 8 Rodyk Street serves freshly brewed tea, coffee, and luxurious hot chocolate. Let a trip down to Toby’s Estate be the highlight of your day as you sip your favourite drink and enjoy either a Brooklyn, Woolly or Rodyk style eggs benedict. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

The Coffee Academics

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At The Coffee Academics, you are bound to get the aroma of good coffee and the taste of fluffy potatoes and scrambled eggs drilled into your head. We recommend trying The Academics Breakfast, which can either be taken for a decadent breakfast, a hearty lunch, or an indulgent dinner.

Feast to your heart’s content with the ENTERTAINER app, where you’ll find a fully loaded list of all-day breakfast spots with 1-for-1 deals!

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