Enjoy Great Savings With These 1-for-1 Set Meals

Want to dine out on a budget? There are a lot of awesome dining places in Singapore that offer affordable set meals. Here are our favourite 5 set meals that are worth your buck, especially with 1-for-1 offers on the ENTERTAINER app.

Lunch Set at Nobiro Izakaya & Sake Bar

Location: Clementi

Treat your companion to a comforting Japanese lunch at Nobiro Izakaya & Sake Bar and indulge in izakaya-style fare as well as charcoal-grilled skewers. The place provides a comforting home-like ambience with mouthwatering dishes prepared fresh and topped with high-quality Japanese ingredients.

Set Lunch at Foodcoholic

Location: Boat Quay

Tucked in Boat Quay, Foodcoholic has the perfect blend of tastes plus an impeccable spread of Indian and Western cuisines. Whether you’re up for a Vegetable Set Meal or a Non-Vegetable Set Meal, you’ll definitely get the most savings when you dine with the ENTERTAINER.

Economy or Premium Set Meal at Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise

Location: Chinatown

Got sudden seafood cravings? Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise is situated in the heart of Chinatown, Outram, where premium seafood like Australian Jade Tiger Abalone, oysters, prawns, and sea urchin will sate you good.

Savour the restaurant’s Economy and Premium Set Meal and delight yourself with fresh Australian mussel, sea bass, oysters and scallops.

Tori Zukushi or Bincho Express Dinner Set at Bincho

Location: Tiong Bahru

Bincho is a merger of modern and old Japanese setting. The restaurant delivers the flavours of Osaka and prides itself on the 70-year old traditional Kopitiam, plus a bar featuring Japanese-inspired cocktails, whiskey, sake and shochu list.

Try the Bincho Express Set which provides the perfect version of comfort food for the soul. Chomp your way through assorted appetizers and Sashimi platter, as well as the Yakitori Platter and Tsukune with Egg Yolk.

Set Lunch at Plentyfull

Location: Millenia Walk

There’s a difference between full and satisfied, and that’s what Plentyfull has proven by providing a market table of diverse cuisine. Guests can mix and match their meals according to their individual cravings. Everyone will truly satisfy their stomachs with a menu that marries fresh local produce and artisan international ingredients.

Life’s good when you can download the ENTERTAINER app and enjoy these affordable 1-for-1 set meals!

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