Discover New Hobbies At These 5 Places In Singapore

Lifelong learning is an essential motto to uphold. Often, we get too caught up in academics or work to bother about the other things in life, like our hobbies and skills. But it’s never too late to start! Learn something new and save at the same time when you use the ENTERTAINER at these 5 spots.

Music Mood

Available Offers: 1-for-1 Music Class, Two Music Classes, and Ten Pop Lessons

You do not have to aspire to be a mini Mozart, but music is a universal language that can be used to express your emotions. If you are looking to pick up a new musical instrument, you should head down to Music Mood. Be it violin, piano, cello, or guitar lessons, there will be a class that will suit your mood.

Las Lilas School

Available Offers: 50% Off Kids Group Spanish Course, Teen Group Spanish Course, and Adult Spanish Course A1.1

It’s always handy to learn a new language, especially if you are planning to go overseas. Las Lilas School teaches you tips, information and the culture of both the Spanish and Hispanic culture. Age does not matter in learning and Las Lilas School takes in students of all ages—from kids to teenagers, to adults.

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Blocs Inc. Specialty Coffee

Available Offers: 1-for-1 Barista Workshop and Latte Art Workshop

Ever wondered what makes your morning joe at your favourite cafe so good? Well, you can learn the tips and tricks yourself at Blocs Inc. Specialty Coffee’s Barista Workshop. The class will provide you with the fundamentals, from understanding speciality coffee to grinding. Lastly, you also get to learn the techniques of brewing different kinds of coffee. It’s the foundation block for your budding barista career.

Scuba People

Available Offers: 1-for-1 Introductory Scuba Diving Pool Session, Computer Nitrox Class, and Introductory Rebreather Pool Training Session

If you grew up wishing you could be a mermaid (or a merman?), then maybe scuba diving is the closest you can get to swim amidst the fishes. At Scuba People, you can get an introductory scuba diving pool session before you venture into deeper waters.

Happy Golf

Available Offers: 1-for-1 60Min Introductory Golf Class and 60Min Screen Golf Session

The next Tiger Woods might just be you. At Happy Golf, you do not have to brave the sweltering Singapore heat. Instead, you get to play indoors, where the screen emulates the golf course. For the beginners, it’s a good way to test golfing theories and skills in a friendlier setting before hitting the real thing out on the course.

Ready to learn something new and cool? Download the ENTERTAINER to try these new activities without burning much of a hole in your pocket.

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