CBD’s Tastiest 1-for-1 Takeaway Offers

It’s not always easy finding food that checks all your boxes when you’re on the go. If you’re in the CBD during rush hour, the struggle can be real. Good thing there are plenty of takeaway options available in this busy area, and here are some with 1-for-1 takeaway deals on the ENTERTAINER app.


Location: Robinson Road

You’ll find hotdog stands in many places but Hafudog in CBD stands out. It boasts mixed flavours with influences from the East to the West. Grab a Naked Classic for a quick brunch or deal with your afternoon hunger with a Cool Chili Southern hotdog. Everything in the menu is made of fresh ingredients and premium sausages. There’s something for veggie lovers, too!

Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie

Location: One Raffles Place

Munch Saladsmiths & Rotisserie offers a rich variety of hearty options for breakfast, lunch or in-between meals. Designed for the busy workaholics, their fish, chicken, and gourmet salads are prepared fresh and quick to ensure that you stay healthy while on a rush. Make this your daily stop and try their Tuna Pasta and Waldorf Salad, or create your own bowl of greens and protein!

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Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Location: Marina One

How about a lunch set with free tacos for less than $15? It’s the quick fix you need in the middle of a stressful day. Baja Fresh Mexican Grill gives you an authentic taste of burritos and not to mention, big servings! The tacos with fresh salsa and tender chicken meat make for a great snack while beating work deadlines!

Shake Farm

Location: Robinson Road

Shake Farm is rated as one of the top dining spots around CBD. Their acai bowls and Super Strength shake are so authentic and refreshing, it justifies the claim. Customers love the combination of fresh, delicious, and healthy flavours found in every serving of their salads, mains, toasts, and smoothies. As they say, it’s a perfect spot for a daily pick-me-up!


Location: China Square Central

Get filled up with 100% vegetarian and 100% halal nosh at Fill-A-Pita. It’s a must-try for those searching for a light lunch with a mix of flavours. You’re sure to get fresh and well-prepared sandwiches and meals such as Falafel-filled Wholemeal Pita and Koshari.

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