6 Instagrammable Cafes in Johor Bahru With 1-for-1 Offers

A trip to JB is likely to mean you’ll be doing some serious cafe hopping – so much so that it might come across a sport. Save yourselves from unnecessarily long walks and random explorations. Read on for the coolest cafes with 1-for-1 deals on the ENTERTAINER Johor Bahru 2019.

Tropique Café

Offers: 1-for-1 Main Course (3 offers), House Beverage (1 offer), Two House Beverages (1 offer) , and Bottle of House Wine (1 offer)

One of Johor Bahru’s newest IG-worthy cafes brings you a refreshing greenhouse-themed restaurant. Tropique Café presents its visitors an exquisite experience with its simple yet elaborate dining pieces along with captivatingly precise meal presentations. The wine-and-dine restaurant has an excellent French-menu that visitors can’t stop talking about – it’s going to be the trending Tropique of the day, all right!

Address: Lot D, Jalan Ekoflora 1, Taman Ekoflora

Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM – 10 PM

Faculty of Caffeine

Offers: 1-for-1 Main Menu Item (3 offers)

Spotted at downtown JB is a familiar brunch restaurant that visitors and locals alike have grown to love. Deeply rooted in serving good coffee, Faculty of Caffeine establishes a place of warm and friendly ambience perfect for all kinds of get-togethers. Spend an afternoon here and you’d realise the power of their caffeine offerings to jazz up idle chatter among friends.

Address: 106, Jalan Trus

Opening Hours: Daily 9 AM – 5:30 PM

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Sugar on Top

Offers: 1-for-1 Main Course (3 offers)

Sugar on Top offers its customers a one-of-a-kind dining experience with a quirky East-meets-West menu. For instance, the café gives an eccentric twist to Western food favourites such as burgers and pasta, by adding an Asian flair; order delights such as the chilli crab pasta if you’re a big fan of fiery seafood or the rice burger that’d have you licking your fingers as an exclamation point. Of course, being a cafe with such a name, you would be remiss not to pile on the desserts to top things off for the day.

Address: No. 1, Jalan Kuning 1

Opening Hours: Daily 11 AM – 12 AM

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen

Offers: 1-for-1 main Menu Items (3 offers), House Beverage (1 offer), Two Cocktails (1 offer), and Bottle of House Wine (1 offer)

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen is an irreplaceable brunch restaurant that stands out among the long stretch of cafes in JB. Not only does it stir one of the best cuppas in town, it also made a name for itself as one of the best B&Bs in the area. For first-timers, a hearty serving of their yummy Eggs Benny is a must-try. Feast your senses at two perfectly poached eggs that glisten on top of your choice meat completed with aromatic greens and a creamy drizzle of hollandaise sauce. A wave of flavours coats your palate as the rich texture of the egg harmonizes with the savoury protein. On the side, a crispy croissant enables you to sweep the yolky goodness glazing your plate. Make sure to come early because it’s always a full house in this part of town!

Address: 33, Jalan Dhoby

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 10AM – 6PM, Friday to Sunday 9AM – 11PM

Flowers In The Window

Offers: 1-for-1 Main Course Items (3 offers)

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses at Flowers In The Window. This cafe features a two-storey open space that draws customers in by its dreamy facade and the whimsical intricacies of its dining pieces. Their menu incorporates a growing list of edible flowers you didn’t know you could eat! In addition, the menu includes a selection of classic Asian comfort food finessed with Western style. Its herb-infused concoctions does not just cleanse your taste buds, but it also washes away your fatigue. If you can manage to grab a seat on the ground floor, you can see your drinks being mixed at the cafe’s open kitchen. Set yourself up for a lazy afternoon lounging in the comfort of this cosy cafe.

Address: 9, Jalan Dhoby

Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM – 8PM, except Tuesdays

Shakespeare Milkshakes

Offers: 1-for-1 Beverage (2 offers) and Waffle (1 offer)

Shakespeare Milkshakes will take you back to simpler times with a sweet and savoury combination of their fruit tea and croffles. Croffles, if you’re so inclined, are croissants pressed between a waffle iron to create that heart-melting combination of a crunchy exterior and a soft, flavourful interior. Their milkshakes, for obvious reasons, are hot sellers – patrons never fail to wax lyrical about them!

Address: 9, Jalan Trus

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 12PM – 11PM, Saturday to Sunday 12PM – 12AM

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