5 East Coast Road Dining Spots To Visit

It may be at the other extreme end of the island, but it is definitely not left out in terms of the quality of living – and food! As the wind brings in the slight salt spray from the nearby ocean, the ambience coupled with dishes that will surely whet your appetite. Check out these gems along East Coast Road, where you can bring your friends and family to enjoy 1-for-1 dining offers with the ENTERTAINER app.


A firewood oven, flour milled on site and Nordaq fresh water. These are but a few of the quality ingredients and care that Firebake pours into their every dish. Enjoy some classic European food at like freshly baked bread, Norwegian mussels, baked spring chicken and so on.

Penny University

Pay a penny for coffee, newspapers, and colourful interactions with others. Those were the Penny Universities of London back in the 17th century. Although a cup of coffee no longer come at just a penny, the money you pay for your lovely cuppa and food at Penny University will be worth every cent. Quaint and quiet, it is a great place to escape from the sweltering heat.

Group Therapy

Caffeine is therapy itself. But what’s better than good coffee and company? The warm hospitality at Group Therapy and the welcoming sight of good food. Must-orders include Chicken Schnitzel, Chili Crab Pasta, and Croque Madame. Bring your friends and hang out, or simply make new friends at this little nook on East Coast Road.

Strong Flour

Strong Flour, as its name suggests, makes excellent flour items. Bread, pizza, pasta, you name it, they serve it. The open kitchen concept lets you watch – and anticipate in excitement- as your food gets prepared and delivered straight to your table. This casual Italian dining place is definitely one of the best spots to try at East Coast Road.

Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream Cafe

Brownice serves the best vegan ice cream you could find in Singapore. Apart from the classic ice cream flavours, they also serve exotic premium flavours, like Gila Gula Melaka, Earl Grey and so on. Who says you are missing out just because you do not take dairy? You can have your (ice cream) cake and eat it too!

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