3 Best Boys’ Night Out Spots To Bro Out

Because it’s not a Boys’ Night without beers, beers and more beers. These three watering holes, in true blue Bro fashion, have some beer-y good happy hour promotions to keep your Bro-ments well and alive.

KPO Café Bar

Formerly a post office building, KPO had since undergone a drastic revamp to become one of Orchard Road’s go-to bars. With spacious terraces on the second floor and a live band performing below on the first, there is literally much room for large groups of Bros to congregate over a cold one or ten. As per one of their promotions, the ‘CB Hour’ (it stands for Cold Beer Hour, but we’re sure you’d catch their drift) would quench the depths of your thirst with $25-for-two pints on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 – 8pm.

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Paulaner Clarke Quay

At the heart of Clarke Quay lies the Bavarian concept of Paulaner Wirsthaus, where your bound-by-blood Bros can raise frothy mugs filled with freshly tapped Munich beer. All the loud, raucous story swapping should produce some growling stomachs along the evening, so Paulaner’s bar grub should come in very nicely. The food selection is helmed by three pillars: Classics of the Bavarian cuisine (Paulaner Classics), international dishes and current trending food varieties. In other words, expect a heavy duty supper of pork knuckles, bratwursts, meat loaf and potatoes.

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The Bank Bar + Bistro

We get it, Boys’ Night can mean serious business to you guys. And at The Bank Bar + Bistro, it doesn’t get any more serious business than that. Located in Shenton Way right around Asia Square, this chic venue is perfect for after work drinks and also incorporates quality international and western cuisines as after work dining options for that all-in-one, high-powered dining and drinking destination.

If you Banker Bros are lucky enough to get a table on weekday evenings, take advantage of the $9 offer on selected draught beer, prosecco, house wine and house spirits.

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