1-for-1 Waffles That Hit The Sweet Spot

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, waffles have captured the hearts of many. So here’s a roundup of the sweetest 1-for-1 waffles offers available on the ENTERTAINER app to satisfy your cravings.

Hatter Street Bakehouse

Location: Hougang

Did somebody say unicorn waffles? As one might tell from the name of the café, Hatter Street Bakehouse takes on a whimsical twist in both interior design and its creations.

Take your pick from the Standard Whoaffle, Unicorn Whoaffle, or the Choochi Whoaffle. Unlike your usual waffle, the whoaffle is crunchy and less fluffy, making it perfect for a light dessert at the end of your meal. Topped with lavender white chocolate ice cream and toasted marshmallows ice cream, the unicorn takes shape with mini meringue and biscuits. It is almost too pretty to eat. But go on, take a bite. You might go ‘whoa!’ from the utter goodness.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Location: Changi

A Spoonful of Sugar is the brick-and-mortar branch of Bake a Joy. Pair their waffles with the salted caramel ice cream that has stolen the hearts of so many. You will be transported to a world of rainbows and unicorns while enjoying your dessert against the backdrop of fairytale-like murals and whimsical decor.

Lowercase Café

Location: Rochor

Lowercase Café is a great place to chill, with pizzas, pasta, and nacho cheese fries that will leave you wanting more. The café maintains the quality of their food by preparing key ingredients from scratch, and that includes their waffle batters and their handmade gelato.

Handmade with love, the café’s waffles surprise with a consistency of nonya kuehs, but they maintain their crispiness on the outside. Coupled with unique gelato flavours like the Cocktail Caribbean and the Gianduja Lotus, get ready to be blown away by the perfect combination.

Giovanni L.

Location: Marine Parade

A place known for its artisanal gelato, Giovanni L. is an award-winning gelateria that won the Gelato World Cup Champion twice for their Sicilian Pistachio gelato.

With a reputation for producing quality creations, we highly recommend that you enjoy your waffles with gelato. Take your pick from the 3 signature waffles – Charcoal Waffle, Peanut Waffle, and Coconut Waffle. If you are unsure which flavour goes best with each waffle, consult the friendly staff over the counter or go with crowd favourites such as After Eight or Pistachio.

Coffee Nowhere

Location: West Coast

This humble establishment started in Johor Bahru and has since expanded to Indonesia and Singapore. Apart from coffee, Coffee Nowhere also offers pizzas, pastas, cakes and more importantly, waffles.

Their 8-inch waffle comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and your choice of syrup and topping – take your pick from pineapples cubes, chocolate sauce, strawberry slices, strawberry sauce and more.


Shuffle to a waffle house recommended here, and download the ENTERTAINER app to get your 1-for-1 deals to get the most out of your dessert cravings!

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