1-for-1 Takeaway Places You Should Try Next

A lot of times, we join queues at restaurants because it means they must be really good. But we don’t always have the luxury of time to enjoy hour long (or more) meals. That’s why we are here to bring you five places that offer 1-for-1 takeaway deals for your dabao-ing pleasures.

Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie

Life’s too short for bad tasting food, and that is the belief of Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie. Serving only food that they will gladly eat themselves, they prove that healthy and delicious don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Take a leaf from their classic set meals that include your choice of chicken, dory fillet, bratwurst and salmon with salads. You can also choose your own ingredients by making your own salad bowl according to your preferences. Otherwise, from salads to sandwiches to soup of the day, you’d be sure to find something to match your appetite from lunch to dinner.

Dunkin Donuts

Craving for a midday sugar rush to beat the slump? Look no further than Dunkin Donuts, quite possibly a connoisseur of donuts. If you need something a little less sinful, Dunkin Donuts also has sandwiches and croissants that are freshly made each day.

Try their Chicken Mayo Croissant and match it with a Coolata, their signature blend of fruits in frozen form. You might want to pack some Munchkin donuts for desserts.


Get your daily dose of calcium at Sogurt, where you can conveniently serve yourself some frozen yogurt. You get a selection of flavours like strawberry and even red velvet cake. The DIY style at Sogurt is the first of its kind in Singapore, and you get to mix and match flavours and toppings.

With the frozen yogurt being high in nutrients and low in fat, you can indulge without feeling guilty at Sogurt.

Poke Lulu

There are many poke specialty shops around in Singapore, but freshness and taste vary. One that you should include on your hit list is Poke Lulu.

It’s the place to go for your healthy takeaway. It comes with a serving of fresh raw fish cubes that are marinated. You can even add more sauce to your poke bowl free of charge at the self-serving counter, where you can enjoy complimentary kimchi and ginger slices. Depending on how hungry you are, choose from small to large poke bowls, and decide whether you want white rice, brown rice or salad as the base.


One place that you can conveniently get your takeaway is Yoshinoya. You won’t have to endure the pain of long queues as service is usually quick.

Try the signature beef bowl at Yoshinoya, with sliced beef simmered in their very own broth and served over premium Japanese rice. If you’re feeling hungry, go for their combo or set meal that comes with extra sides like tamogoyaki and a bowl of miso soup. If you’re only just peckish, try their smaller portioned dainty sets.

See something that you want to takeaway at your next meal time? Download the ENTERTAINER to get 1-for-1 and share the joy of mealtimes with your colleagues and friends!

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